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How do I respond to a Venue Expert's request for quotation?

Aside from fast-track enquiries, Hire Space venues also receive requests from Venue Experts. Here's how you can win more bookings.

Our Venue Experts work on clients’ event briefs and source the best-suited venue options for every enquiry. 

4 Top Tips from Our Venue Experts

We understand quotations might vary depending on the event requirements. Before we suggest your venue, we’ll send you a quotation request by email.

  1. To convert more enquiries, please respond to quotation requests as fast as possible. You have 24 hours before a request expires. 

  2. Do respond as a reply to the email we send you, rather than in a separate email. If you must reply separately, please do put the client reference name in the email subject line, otherwise the quotation you send could get lost and not reach the client.

  3. Inserting your quotation as part of the email body text is the best way to ensure we propose your quotations to the client swiftly. We build proposals using photos and descriptions listed on your venue profiles on hirespace.com, so you only need to respond new requests with your quotation and availability, and our platform will do the rest! Please avoid proposals as attachments, such as PDFs, Spreadsheets and word docs and provide an itemised quotation as well as the total costs. 

  4. Please detail the specific inclusions of the prices you provide. Any additional costs which would need to be considered further down the line should also be included at this stage.

From Quotation to Booking: 7 Steps

Here's a quick overview of what goes on at important moments such as quotation requests and booking confirmations.

  1. Venue Expert requests for quotation from Venue Manager

  2. Booker receives venue options and instructs Venue Expert to introduce them for viewing appointments with the Venue Manager

  3. Booking confirmed by Booker

  4. Venue Manager provides Venue Expert with booking contracts and/or deposit invoice(s)

  5. Event takes place

  6. Hire Space requests for copies of the booker's final invoices and/or receipts from the Venue Manager

  7. Hire Space issues the Venue Manager with a commission invoice

Completing a Booking

Once the Venue Expert receives instructions from the client to confirm a booking and proceed to contract stage, they will introduce the client to the Venue Manager who will then liaise with the client directly. On occasion, our Venue Experts will remain as the client's agent throughout the contracting process. 

Similar to Fast Track bookings, once a booking is completed, a Venue Expert will get in touch and make sure your booking details are logged on your Hire Space account. This helps us send you a commission invoice after the event takes place.