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Why have we introduced a Core tier?

We've created a brand new way of working with our venues to boost their enquiries and increase their visibility.

Like every events company in the pandemic, Hire Space spent a lot of time in 2020/2021 thinking carefully about how we work with our partners, and how we can maximize the value we bring. 

We came to two big realisations. 

  1. It’s difficult for us to work really effectively with 5,000+ venues, all at once. 
  2. There’s greater value all round if we truly understand our most engaged venues, and maximize the business we do with them.

We realised we could do better for you by addressing some simple things. For us, truly understanding you as a venue means: 

  • We know your latest sales offerings, and can communicate them to our clients. This could be a refurb you’ve done, a new menu, or your new CSR commitments. 
  • Your profile on hirespace.com is looking brilliant, and optimized for our search algorithms. So our clients can find you easily, and are enticed to enquire with you.
  • We’ve established a great working relationship with you, and know what’s important to you. The better we understand how you work, the more business we can send. 

Establishing these things takes resource at our end. We’ll put the time in to optimise your profile, position you on the most valuable parts of the platform, understand what type of business you want, and educate our corporate sales team on what makes you great. That’s what the small monthly fee we charge for Core pays for. 

Once we’re confident about these three things, you’re away. We can put you confidently forward for our highest value clients, without checking in each time.

For a high-volume platform like Hire Space, which processes over 3000 new business enquiries a month, that makes a huge difference - and means that you’ll get a far better, more profitable service from us. 

With venues on Core seeing a 60% increase in enquiries already, and a 100% increase in visibility, it seems to be working all round. 

To sign up for Core today, and help us work better with you, simply follow this link