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What is needed for the space to be live?

There are a few details that the profile must contain in order for the space/usage to be live.

Even if a certain space is published, it will not be live if some crucial elements are missing. Make sure you have completed all usages 100 %.


  • Venue Details -> Venue Features

  • Fill in the Description box with a few sentences appropriate for the space using the right keywords (types of events that the space can hold)

  • In the Details field, you should have selected a type and a number of seat capacities for all usages.

  • Please add a few Features specifically for the space

  • You must have pricing for all usages, separately for each one, or if it is the same for all of them you can add the pricing under “ALL”.

  • You need to have at least 2 pictures in the Photos section for each usage. Photos should be high-resolution but less than 3MB in size and around 1600 pixels in width.