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What is a Fast Track enquiry and how do I respond to Fast Track customers?

Everything you need to know about Fast Track enquiries.

What is a Fast Track Enquiry

Any enquiry that is submitted directly through the Hire Space website by a client is known as a fast-track enquiry. These are sent to you via joe@hirespace.com with a series of emails to notify you about the enquiry, prompt you to respond, confirm if the event took place and get the final spend invoice from you so we can send our commission invoice.

You can handle these enquiries via the notification emails and your enquiry feed, as explained here. We recommend keeping up to date with the enquiry emails and responding directly to those emails. Only use the enquiry feed to close off enquiries that didn't end up booking, and to update us when an event has been confirmed.

First Response

Clients can contact you directly through hirespace.com.  We’ll send you a notification email via joe@hirespace.com when there’s a new enquiry. To convert more enquiries, we recommend responding to clients as quickly as possible, by replying directly to that notification email. 

Enquiries will be open for 24 hours, after which they will expire and the client will be sent new venue options. 

Here's an example of the notification email:

By replying directly to this email, your response will be forwarded in full directly to the client. Make sure you are replying to the address that starts with the client's name and ends with @reply.hirespace.com and NOT to joe@hirespace.com or to reply@hirespace.com, as these will just get sent to our support team and not the client. You can also get this email from the enquiry on the enquiry feed.

Emailing a client

Once the client receives your response, they will write back and we'll forward the response directly to you. Each enquiry has a unique reference that we include in the subject of each email regarding that enquiry, with the format HS-XXXX, in case you need to search this in your inbox.

Please note that we filter out any email addresses that you or the client send each other on these emails to keep the conversation on the Hire Space platform. Phone numbers are not filtered out.

Completing a Booking

For Fast Track enquiries, it is up to you to negotiate and confirm venue booking fees and relevant quotations with the client. Once you've confirmed a booking, you can add in what the contracted amount is on the enquiry feed. This helps us send you a commission invoice after the event takes place. Here's how you can manage your bookings on your admin account.

If an enquiry isn't closed or won and the event date is coming up, we'll email you to ask if it went ahead. From there you can either close the enquiry directly by clicking the “Decline” link in the email, or send us over a copy of the contract/initial invoice.

To make sure you receive a correct invoice for commission after the event takes place, we’ll send you a request for the relevant final contracts, receipts or invoice(s) as sent to the client. Then we'll update our systems and invoice you for our 10% commission on the total final spend.