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What is a Fast Track enquiry and how do I respond to Fast Track customers?

Everything you need to know about Fast Track enquiries.

First Response

Clients can contact you directly through hirespace.com. These fast-track enquiries can be managed via your Hire Space account. We’ll send you an automated notification email when there’s a new enquiry. To convert more enquiries, you should respond to clients as fast as possible, by replying directly to the notification email. 

Enquiries will be open for 24 hours, after which they will expire and the client will be sent new venue options. 

Here's an example of the notification email:

Completing a Booking

For Fast Track enquiries, it is up to the Venue Manager to negotiate and confirm venue booking fees and relevant quotations with the client. Once a booking is completed, a Venue Expert will get in touch and make sure your booking details are logged on your Hire Space account. This helps us send you a commission invoice after the event takes place. Here's how you can manage your bookings on your admin account.

To make sure you receive a correct invoice, we’ll send you a request for the relevant final contracts, receipts or invoice(s) as sent to the client.