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How to manage email notifications admins receive from Hire Space.

Simply let us know the admin and venue you would like us to change and we will get on it.

Email notifications are sent over by Hire Space so venues can respond right away to enquiries and invoicing requests, and to communicate any marketing you may be interested in.

When an admin is added to an account by a venue the new admin will receive all notifications by default. If you'd like to stop a specific admin from receiving these, simply send us an email including the admin and venue(s) you would like stop notifications for, and we will get this done right away. 

Venues may also request for an admin to start to be added to an account to begin to receive enquiry, invoicing and marketing emails. Again following the scenario above this can be done.  

Is it possible to be an account admin and not be sent invoicing, enquiry and marketing emails?


An admin can be added to an account and receive 0 notifications. They will be able to log in and make changes to the account only.  

Email: venues@hirespace.com