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My profile is 'awaiting approval', but what does it mean?

You've signed up and completed your first venue profile, but its status is saying 'awaiting approval'.

The Hire Space support team personally (no robots here!) review your venue's profile. This means proof-reading your descriptions, checking your address, reviewing your photos and making sure it's not missing anything or that anything has been filled in incorrectly. 

Depending on how big your profile is (perhaps you only have one 'Whole Venue' space, or you might have 20 meeting rooms!), your profile is approved within 7 days. 🏢

Why does Hire Space review my venue profile?

We want to make sure your profile looks the best it possibly can, that's why a real member of our team individually checks your profile - so that your venue get the best possible enquiries it can. Most of Hire Space customers view venue profiles before enquiring, so your profile is qualifying enquiries before they even get sent to you!

Low-quality, incomplete profiles will get little-to-no enquiries or could end up with lots of time-wasters enquiring. We don't want that for you! So we like to make sure your profile is looking and performing great so that you appeal to as many relevant customers as possible. 

If you're concerned that your profile has been awaiting approval for a while, pop us a message. We'd be happy to check on it for you! 

How will I know when my profile is live?

Before your profile is published on Hire Space, you may be sent an email by our support team with some advice on how to improve your profile to get it published. When your profile is complete and ready to go, you'll be sent an email from our team confirming that your profile is live on the site and when you can expect to start receiving enquiries from customers! If you're not sure whether or not your profile is live, you can follow this advice to check!