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How to earn with Arena referrals

A simple guide to how to earn cash and credits by referring your favourite virtual event technology

The Arena Referral Scheme is as simple as setting up an event on Arena itself.

We've had great feedback from event organisers who have used Arena and we wanted to say thank you by setting up a referral scheme that everyone can benefit from. 

How does it work?

The Arena referral scheme gives £100 to both the referrer, and the referee.


Now, let's look at it in detail for both people involved.

For the referrer

To refer a company, the refer just needs to copy their referral code from their Event Home and share it with their network who can enter it on their Attendee Credits page. 

The referrer will receive £100 in cash for each company they refer.

This can only be paid for companies that have not been referred previously, and have not previously purchased Attendee Credits or a Subscription Plan. The £100 will be paid when the referee first spends £100 on Arena. Referrals can refer an unlimited number of companies.

For the referee

To be referred, the referee just needs to find a referral code and enter it into the form on their Attendee Credits page. 50 Attendee Credits, worth £100, will then instantly be credited to their account.

Referees will only be able to enter the code if they have not been referred before, and have not previously purchased Attendee Credits or a Subscription Plan.

Next Steps

To get started click "Book Demo" or "Sign In" on the Arena homepage to get set up with an account where you can find your Referral Code.