How to add attendees

A quick lowdown on adding attendees to your event on Arena.

The Arena platform comes complete with its own registration platform, full of useful features such as tailored Ticket Types and custom attendee information.

However, you can also add attendees to your event yourself, both individually or in bulk. This means you can easily utilise another registration platform if you choose, and simply import your attendees over to your event in Arena.

To start adding attendees, you’ll need to head to the ‘Manage Attendees’ page of your event. 

To get there, start by clicking ‘Edit Event’ under the event you’d like to add attendees to on your central dashboard.




Then, click on the ‘Manage Attendees’ button on the right-hand side of your screen.




You’ll now be able to see the ‘Manage Attendees’ page, where you can add new attendees and manage existing ones.

Uploading single attendees

To upload a single attendee, just click ‘Add Attendee’ in the top right-hand corner of the ‘Manage Attendees’ page.




You’ll then be able to fill out a simple form to add the attendee.

Uploading multiple attendees

To upload multiple attendees, click ‘Upload Attendee CSV’ back on the ‘Manage Attendees’ page.




You will then need to:

  • Download the template CSV.
  • Open it in a tool such as Excel, Numbers or Sheets.
  • Add your attendees (one attendee per row and make sure to keep the column headings exactly the same as the template).
  • Export the attendees from Excel/Numbers/Sheets as a CSV.
  • Upload your CSV to Arena.

Using the upload CSV function is perfect if you want to use a separate registration platform and import your attendee list from your chosen platform.



Now you know how to add attendees to your event, why not learn how to manage them? Our handy guide to managing your attendees has it all covered.