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How do I start building/updating a Hire Space profile?

Everything you need to know before you start updating the initial profile for your venue on Hire Space - A Comprehensive Guide

Hire Space is a powerful platform for venues of all types and sizes to showcase their spaces and connect with event organizers throughout the UK. Whether you're an elegant hotel, a trendy coworking space, a historic landmark, or any other type of venue, creating a compelling profile on Hire Space is crucial to attracting potential clients. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps to build an attractive venue profile on Hire Space and provide valuable tips to make it stand out.


Create an Account:

  • To start your journey on Hire Space, you need to create an account. Visit the Hire Space website and navigate to the "List with Us" section. There, you will find three listing registration options. Choose the one that best suits your venue's needs. After this step, you officially join the Hire Space community.

After you have entered the details, in the following days, we will build a basic profile, after which you will be notified that is done and published, so you can log in on venues.hirespace.com and make updates or add more spaces.

If you have trouble with the login credentials, please email venues@hirespace.com and our team will assist you ASAP.


Some of the details are already included by us, however, please double-check them if they are correct and add additional details.

Location Details:

  • Begin by filling in essential location information about your venue. Mention where it is located, its proximity to transport stations, famous landmarks, and any unique geographic features that make it stand out.

Venue Description:

  • Craft a captivating description of your venue. Provide potential clients with a clear understanding of what your venue is all about, its ambience, and what makes it special.

Unique Venue Features:

  • Highlight any unique features or amenities your venue offers. This could include cutting-edge technology, historical significance, scenic views, or anything that sets your venue apart from the rest. You must add at least one unique feature.

Spaces within Your Venue:

  • Within your venue profile, you can showcase multiple event spaces. Each space should have its usage, description, capacities, pricing, and photos. You can learn about adding spaces to your venue profile here:

How do I add a new space to my profile?


High-Quality Photos:

  • To make your venue profile visually appealing, upload at least three high-quality photographs of the interior of your venue. These images should showcase the beauty and versatility of your space. Include 4-6 high-quality photographs showcasing your venue hosting different types of events and layouts. This gives potential clients a glimpse of the versatility of your space.

Descriptive Copy:

  • Write compelling, detailed descriptions for each space and your venue as a whole. The copy should give potential clients a vivid image of what they can expect when booking your venue.

Pricing Structure:

  • Clearly outline your pricing structure, including venue hire rates, minimum spend requirements, and delegate rates. Transparency in pricing is essential to attract serious inquiries.

Space Capacities:

  • Specify the maximum capacities for each of your venue's spaces. This helps event planners understand the suitability of your venue for their needs.

By following the steps outlined in this article and providing comprehensive information, high-quality visuals, and unique selling points, you'll increase your chances of standing out on the platform and receiving inquiries from event planners all over the UK.

Invest the time and effort into crafting a profile that truly reflects the charm and capabilities of your venue, and you'll reap the benefits of increased bookings and success in the event industry.

After you have made the changes if the space is unpublished, please make sure it is submitted for approval for us to publish it and here is how -

How do I publish my profile?

If the space was already published, we suggest to unpublish it and then re-publish it (submit for approval). In this case,  it is coming to us to make sure everything is completed and live on the site.