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How do I start building a Hire Space profile?

Everything you need to know before you start to build a profile for your venue on Hire Space.

Hire Space is a free venue-finding marketplace. It doesn't cost anything to create and publish your profile on hirespace.com. Unless you are on our popular Core Listing plan or our Premium Prime plan. Here's how to build your new venue profile and start receiving enquiries from event bookers all over the UK!

If you haven't already, start by creating an account:

Now that you've signed up and are ready to start building your profile, here's a list of materials you'll need to make sure your new profile will be attractive to potential clients:

  • At least 3 high quality photographs of the interior of your venue.

  • Plenty of unique, descriptive copy to help sell your venue.

  • A list of unique selling points or features your venue and its spaces have. 

  • A pricing structure for venue hire or minimum spend and delegate rates.

  • A list of your capacities for each space within your venue. 

Of course, if you'd like to make sure your profile really stands out and performs well you'll also benefit from providing this information:

  • 4-6 high-quality photographs of your venue showing different events and layouts.

  • Floor plans including floor measurements and ceiling heights.

How do I know if my profile is complete?

When your profile is complete it will show as 100% complete on this bar:

If your profile is not at 100%, you can see which sections are incomplete as they will not have a green tick next to them: 

For more tips on building the best possible Hire Space profile, check out our advice on how to edit profile, photos, descriptions, and pricing