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How do I improve my venue profile's metrics?

Great content can help you capture customers' attention so you can receive more enquiries from your venue profile.

Today's competition on Hire Space is fierce - there are over 6000 venues vying for customers' attention. To stand out from the crowd you may want to consider upgrading your listing plan to ensure your venues gain the business it deserves!


The quickest way to improve your bounce rate within days is to showcase your venue with great photography. Great photography is absolutely key to maximising time on page and reducing bounce rate. After all, first impressions count so much! However, what does it mean for venue photography to be great?

Many Hire Space customers have told us that when searching for venue options, they were more likely to stay on the profiles and read the venue descriptions if the venue profiles had high-quality photographs featuring these elements below:

  1. Facade / entrance

  2. Empty interior of event spaces

  3. Event photos featuring guests attending an event

High-quality photos should be of minimum 150 ppi to match today's display standards.  Even mid-range smartphones these days have extremely high-resolution displays. In June 2017, over 42% of Hire Space users browsed the website on mobile devices!

Dimension-wise, photographs should be minimum 2560x1920px. That's easily doable by taking pictures on a smartphone.


Captured by your great photos, users are now reading your descriptions and features. To maximise your conversion rate, i.e. enquiries per pageview, your descriptions should include lots of relevant event keywords, should not be copy and pasted from other online materials and should be written in an engaging friendly voice. Engaging when put in practice, can be achieved with benefit selling techniques. Put simply, you do not just boast your venue specs but also tie these in with advantages for the customer.

Take natural daylight as an example. Rather than writing "Our boardroom is flooded with plenty of natural daylight", you could sell its benefits to customers by wording it as: "With plenty of natural daylight, attendees for your offsite meetings can concentrate easily in our boardroom."

Our venue search works by seeing what term a client has searched for, and looking through space descriptions to find matching terms. Think what terms people search for that you want your venue to be included in the results for. It can be offputting though to just see these terms listed out in a description, so try to include them organically. If you want that boardroom to be used for presentations, you could change the sentence to be "Our boardroom is flooded with plenty of natural daylight, making it perfect for presentations".

Venue and Space Features

Previewing your profile is also super important to avoid excessive white space on the front-end. One common cause for excessive white space is listing too many features. Limiting your venue and space features to 5 in total is advised

Now that you've got the down-low on improving bounce rate and time on page for customers looking at your venue profile, you should also ensure they can land on your venue profile in the first place! Here's a quick guide on optimising venue descriptions for search results.

Any questions? Please get in touch!