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Hire Space Community Guidelines for Venues

Welcome to Hire Space! To ensure your success on the platform, please observe these community guidelines.


The Hire Space community is made up of venues and service providers, private customers and corporate bookers. As a Venue Manager, we want to help you generate as many suitable leads as possible. You can accept or decline any enquiries. 


  • Maintain up-to-date contact details on your account settings page. We use your contact details primarily for enquiry management. 

  • Respond to enquiries from customers and Venue Experts within 24 hours. We’ve seen on our platform that the quicker an initial enquiry is responded to, the more likely it will convert into bookings.

  • Offer easy to understand quotations and availability to Venue Expert requests. We generate our own proposals using your specifications on our online platform, so just the availability and pricing would be sufficient for the initial stage.

  • Advertised rates should be as realistic as possible. We know how dynamic the events industry is when it comes to venue budgets. Listing a price range is by far the easiest way to qualify leads if you do not offer fixed pricing options.

  • Provide us with receipts and contracts when a booking is finalised. Keeping your account up-to-date is crucial to your search ranking!


  • Go on holiday and not set up an Out Of Office reply. This helps our customers and Venue Experts know why their enquiry is not responded to. 

  • Quote for enquiries with the Hire Space fees added on top of your normal rates. The community is built upon a promise to customers that it is free to book Hire Space venues. If spotted, we’ll give you a reminder so you can rectify your pricing options. Consistent offenders may be struck off the site for 6 months.

  • Include your direct website link or contact details on Hire Space public profiles.  If spotted, we’ll give you a reminder. Consistent offenders may be struck off the site for 6 months.

This summary is intended to provide useful tips for venues and service providers to succeed with Hire Space. They do not constitute an agreement and our full standard terms must be consulted. For full standard terms please see this link.