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Enquiry Feedback Update Released

An automated message will now be sent to Venue Managers when an enquiry closes.

Venue Managers receive venue hire requests from both our online portal and our sales team. When these requests are closed by Bookers, automated messages will now be sent to Venue Managers. We've released this feature to help Venue Managers close their Hire Space enquiries without having to follow up. 

Having spoken with a number of Venue Managers, we understood that many venues would analyse these rejection reasons regularly to understand the market better. Ultimately, venues want to drive conversions from enquiries to bookings. We've put together some tips to help you make the most of this new feature:

  1. Data collection: When a reason is given by the Booker, it will be given in an email message. Closing these enquiries quickly and logging these would be useful for future analysis.

  2. Regular analysis: Analysing these rejection reasons once every 3-, 6- or 12- month period to spot any regularity and to come up with potential solutions. For example, if plenty of Bookers cites costs as a rejection reason, it would be worth updating the pricing information on your online profiles. 

Further Support

If you have any questions on this feature, please email us at venues@hirespace.com. We’re here to help you succeed on Hire Space!