For optimal performance, venue descriptions should be built up of full paragraphs, with lots of keywords and cannot be text copied from any web page on the Internet. 

Unique Descriptions

Venue profiles with unique text have better search performance both on and on search engines like Google. Two web pages with the same text will both perform worse than a web page with unique text, assuming all other factors are constant. This is why we discourage copy-and-pasting description text from other online materials onto Hire Space.


Include many keywords in your venue and space descriptions, in complete sentences. For example, if you want customers to find you when searching for meeting venues, include the keyword meeting in your venue descriptions and space descriptions.

Response Time

Our search function not only looks at descriptions and response time but also loads of other metrics from historical enquiries to venue capacity. A bonus tip is that by minimising your response time to new enquiries, your search ranking will improve. The faster your responses are, the better your search ranking will be. 

An Advanced Profile Consultation service which looks at optimising page ranking on Hire Space is accessible to Hire Space Prime venues. If you'd like to know more about this upgrade, just email us at and we'll give you the down low. No strings attached.

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