Everything you need to know about payments

A brief overview of different payments, how commission is calculated, and how they're handled by Venue Managers and Hire Space

From Quotation to Booking: 7 Steps

Here's a quick overview of what goes on at important moments such as quotation requests and booking confirmations.

  1. Venue Expert requests for quotation from Venue Manager

  2. Booker receives venue options and instructs Venue Expert to introduce them for viewing appointments with the Venue Manager

  3. Booking confirmed by Booker

  4. Venue Manager provides Venue Expert with booking contracts and/or deposit invoice(s)

  5. Event takes place

  6. Hire Space requests for copies of the booker's final invoices and/or receipts from the Venue Manager

  7. Hire Space issues the Venue Manager with a commission invoice

Bookers' Payments

Clients can contact you both through hirespace.com or as a result of our Venue Expert suggestions. It is important to note that Hire Space does not handle clients' funds unless otherwise specified for a particular booking

For enquiries sent through hirespace.com, it is up to the Venue Manager to negotiate and confirm venue booking fees and relevant quotations with the client. On the other hand, our Venue Experts work on clients’ event briefs and source the best-suited venue options for every enquiry. Once the Venue Expert receives instructions from the client to confirm a booking and proceed to contract stage, they will introduce the client to the Venue Manager who will then liaise with the client directly. On occasion, our Venue Experts will remain as the client's agent throughout the contracting process. 

Venue Booking Commission Payments

It's great when a new booking is confirmed! You might, however, be wondering what happens next. 

Once a booking is completed, our Venue Expert will make sure your booking details are logged on your Hire Space account. This helps us send you a commission invoice after the event takes place. 

To make sure you receive a correct invoice, we’ll send you a request for the relevant final contracts, receipts or invoice(s) as sent to the client. We charge a 10% (excl. VAT) fee on bookings generated by Hire Space. Our fee is calculated on the final booking revenue after an event takes place, including all items (but not limited to) venue hire, food and beverage, accommodation and AV charges. Our full booking commission policy can be found here.

Further Support

We’re here to help you succeed on Hire Space. If your online help centre doesn't answer your questions, please message us via your Hire Space account here or email us at venues@hirespace.com