When we were planning the shortlisting process for venue entries this year, we immediately recognised that a good venue can excel in different areas. Not one single metric would do our venues justice. But, a combination of the data we have on a venue gives a great picture of how likely a venue is to be one of all-round greatness.

We've come up with an index which comprises of the following:

  1. A venue's response time for web enquiries from direct customers 

  2. A venue's conversion rate for web enquiries from direct customers 

  3. A venue's conversion rate for enquiries introduced by a Venue Expert 

The combined result will give us the Hire Space Index for a venue entry. Venues will then be ranked using their Hire Space indices. The top four venue entries will be shortlisted and invited to proceed to the final stage and complete their full submission for the award, if applicable.

If you have any questions about the awards, or anything else, please get in touch via eventlab@hirespace.com!

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