Jack Turner (Head of Events, Bounce! The Home of Ping Pong) has been using Hire Space since 2016 and Benjamin Edmonds (Account Specialist, Hire Space) is the project manager for Bounce within the Hire Space Prime team. They shared their thoughts on promoting Bounce on Hire Space.

1. How did you first hear about Hire Space?

Jack (J): I found out about Hire Space through one of my colleagues two, three years ago. I had just joined the team then. At the time we had a free listing with Hire Space. What I found about working with free listing sites was that enquiries were sparse from a free listing. We knew the potential Hire Space had and decided to utilise the site properly by investing in Prime.

2. What were your key business or marketing goals for Bounce?

J: Back then I had two main objectives for the business. Firstly, I needed to grow our conferencing and daytime business. We’d just opened our Old Street branch so it was also important that we drive business at Old Street, get it on par with Farringdon, our flagship site. 

This year my goal was to increase our spend-per-head. We’ve done so by advertising and quoting packages instead of minimum spend. Our team would take a client’s budget and show the value we can bring to their event using packages. By doing so we were able to upsell on some instances. However, there’s a drop in the number of events this year. For the near future, my goal will be to maintain the spend-per-head level from this year, and achieve the number of events we delivered in 2017.

Benjamin (B): Bounce is certainly one of the more popular venues for social events in London. It was an interesting challenge to change perception of the brand and promote their conference and meetings offerings. The ultimate goal was to drive daytime bookings at both sites. The most important first step we took was to change their online presence. We made sure that event bookers would come across Bounce and see that it is a versatile venue for any events, be it a conference or a corporate party.

3. What challenges did you encounter when implementing Bounce’s Hire Space Prime project? 

B: It’s never easy to change perception of a venue from being a social paradise to being a quirky conference site. Utilising the Hire Space brand, website and wider team made it a lot easier to achieve that goal. After a full optimisation of the venue profiles, we then started working on dedicated campaigns focusing on search visibility, and maximising brand engagement in the customer journey when customers are more likely to make a booking. There was also an element of internal education for the wider team in getting to know the spaces.

We spend a lot of our time monitoring campaigns and reporting back to the Bounce team. Transparency is one of the key strengths and we are able to provide reports both in terms of the performance of specific marketing activity, but also on overall venue performance, allowing our venues to see the full picture. Often our venue managers use the findings to optimise their internal processes with an aim to encourage more bookings.

4. How did Hire Space Prime help Bounce achieve their goals?

J: Hire Space is always in the top five results on Google search when I search for “conference” and other events related keywords. I’d say the biggest benefit we have from using Hire Space was the online reputation we now have as an event venue. They helped bring us new clients who would not have thought to use us.

B: Bounce saw good returns since working with us, but it’s important to stress that results don’t come overnight and it takes a lot of hard work to get there, which is why we make sure we keep working as closely as possible as an extension of their team to help them achieve their goals. In the case of Bounce, since joining Hire Space Prime, the number of enquiries for conferences has grown 500%+, and their average enquiry value has nearly doubled! Conferences are now their main type of enquiries. Nearly 70% of their overall revenue from Hire Space are for conferences.

J: I was told that our investment in Hire Space Prime will be proportionate to returns; we thought that Hire Space was just selling us! I’ve now observed it first-hand: We’ve increased our spend on Prime after the initial trial and decided to spend circa. £5,000 on Prime this year. It’s hard to track how much of our overall growth is due to Hire Space, but we’ve seen £30-40k confirmed bookings through Hire Space alone this year. Certainly a pleasant result. 

What is Hire Space Prime?

Thanks to the tremendous growth in consumers’ appetite for digital content, marketers are blessed with many more options to promote their brands nowadays.

Whilst there has been a decline in the use of high-cost approaches such as direct mail and print, brands have turned to a myriad of new, cost-effective methods providing trackable insights. Hire Space Prime, a product offered by Hire Space, is a trackable approach venues employ to engage corporate bookers and event organisers. 

In a nutshell, Hire Space Prime promotes specific venues to a preset target audience. A Hire Space Prime venue engages the target audience through a series of online and offline activities delivered by Hire Space, from digital content distributed on social media and emails to paid search to invite-only sponsored events. 

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