1.  Business Listings

Ever wondered how information about different businesses is managed on Google Search and Google Maps? 

It's actually free for anyone to manage their business listings. Not only can you curate your photos and edit your contact details and opening hours, you can also respond to reviews posted by others. 

Our Google listing looks like this. 

Firstly, sign up to Google My Business for free following these steps here. You can use your existing Google account or create a new one (yes, for free). 

Add/Claim a Listing

If your venue is already listed on Google and no one else in your team is the manager, then you'd have to claim it from the previous owner (here's how). Once you've requested ownership, the current listing owner will have seven days to respond. You'll then be notified by email with the outcome. It's easier than it sounds, all they ask is for you to fill out a form and if the previous owner does not respond in seven days, you could have the option to claim the listing yourself. Look out for a "CLAIM" button on your Google My Business account.

If your venue is not listed, it's even simpler - just add your listing on Google My Business following these steps.

Verify Your Listing

Google verifies new listings and listings which have undergone significant changes to make sure information across Google is accurate. Different types of businesses get verified differently. 

The most common way for Google to verify your address is by postcards. Make sure your address is right before you request the postcard, and avoid changing your listing details whilst the postcard is being sent (this could void the verification code, delaying the process). You’ll be sent a postcard with a verification code within 3 days most of the time. Follow the instruction on the card and you're good to go!

TIP: When you receive a new review, Google will notify you by email. Always respond to reviews (here's how), especially bad ones, to build trust with potential customers who will be reading them in future.

2. Google Posts

When Google Posts went live last summer, our marketing team were very excited - for good reasons!

With 100-300 words and an attractive photo, you can publish events, promotions and other timely news directly on Google Search and Maps using Posts. Think happy hour, gigs, discounted venue hire rates and venue showcase open days! These will be shown to Google users when they care most: whilst searching for an offsite meeting venue on Google, whilst looking for somewhere to go have dinner and entertainment after work...

No promotions? You can also use this feature to attract readers to your blog or even sign up to your newsletter. The call-to-action link and its anchor text can be customised. In our example here, we've used the words "Learn more" which leads to the full blog about The Postal Museum:


  • The best dimension for Post images is 750x750px. 

  • You can track the engagement of your posts by logging into Google My Business. Each post shows the number of times it has been seen and how many times it has been clicked by users.

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