You'll want to start off by logging in to your Hire Space account, or if you haven't started yet, you can sign up right here:

You can find our top tips on how to start building your profile right here, otherwise, if you're at the point of adding photos, you're in the right place! Here's a video tutorial of the whole process, or you can read a step-by-step guide below it:

Step 1: Create a Space

The bottom section for your profile is the 'Spaces'. Head there to create a space in your venue:

What is a space?

A space is a definable area within your venue that can be privately hired out. This could be 'Syndicate Room 1', 'The Ballroom' or 'Main Bar' or if your venue is all one space, name your space 'Whole Venue'. 

Step 2: Adding Photos

Once you've completed the sections in your 'Space', you'll finally come to the photos section: 

To add a photo, click inside the square to upload from your computer, or drag and drop files into that space. Photos need to be less than 3MB. Once uploaded, your photo will appear here! Any photos shown here will be visible on your profile: 

Step 3: Changing the order

You can drag and drop each photo to change the order. Click on a photo, whilst holding down the mouse or trackpad button, slide the picture across so that it's hovering over the top of any other photo to switch their places. The photo with the green star is the photo that will show first on your profile and in your thumbnail. 

Bonus Step: Deleting a photo

To remove a photo from your profile, click the red cross in the top, right hand corner of the photo you want to delete: 

Help! My new photos aren't showing on my profile!

Don't worry! Photos can sometimes take longer to appear on your profile than something like text, so if you can't see the new photos you've added straight away, try refreshing the page or waiting until the next day. 

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