St Mungo’s is a charity working with people who are sleeping rough and at risk of homelessness. On any given night, over 2,700 people are housed and supported through St Mungo’s support programmes.

We, at Hire Space, believe that everyone should have a home, and we’re inviting you to join us in supporting the good work at St Mungo’s. The number of vulnerable people recorded sleeping rough in London during one year has increased by 46% from 4,039 in 2011-12 to 5,907 in 2014-15. The figures are believed to be even higher nowadays based on the observation of professionals working with homeless people. 

In an aim to provide more bed spaces, St Mungo’s is looking for support from the events industry through the form of property offers. When your venue is not in use during certain evenings, St Mungo’s operation team can transform your event spaces into a safe, temporary home to London’s rough sleepers. 

If just one in every 1,000 Hire Space venues donates their venue for one evening, we could have enough bed spaces for London’s rough sleepers for one evening.

Of course, providing a roof is not the entire solution, but it is an essential first step to relieve the person of the pressure and stress from the many immediate dangers associated with sleeping rough. Once a rough sleeper is on St Mungo’s radar, their chances of leaving the homeless cycle and eventually gaining a permanent home become much higher. Vocational training programmes pipelined to employers and their recruitment demands are just some of the many personalised support projects St Mungo’s offer. 

You can help.

Register your interest to help by contacting Riemy at / 0207 099 2512.

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